City Tower

Small video clip of an architectural flyaround, featuring a model inspired by Russell Thomas, and extended by myself.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty cool style for visualizing a proposed development or building project. Very effective for getting across any mass and scale issues, and could be extended for studying shadows issues as the arise……..or fall :).

Although you can’t really see it in this clip, I actually built a rather large city around this theoretical building project. Oh well, I honestly thought it would show up better.

Lighting, Surfacing, Rendering and post-production by me 🙂 .


FLW Floor Lamp

anything designed by a certain frank lloyd wright is worth being a fan of.

this is a floor lamp from his wisconson home and studio called taliesin. beautiful bit of furniture, hope the render gets that across somehow.

FLW Floor Lamp

FLW Floor Lamp

Toon and/or Clay Render

I think I’ve settled in on a good “toon” shader. Using the Node Editor in Lightwave, combined with the Final Gather radiosity engine, gives fantastic, very fast results.

I know, I know…this is as far from a classic cartoon sort of look as one can get, but I suppose that’s the point. It’s just a beginning, or a base to work from. Proof of concept I think is the right term here.

After all, this is a three dimensional software package, not a 2D painting sorta thing (which I’m NO good at anyway!).

shock toon

Clay Render

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a good clay render. While quite simple to setup, they nonetheless demonstrate all the good qualities of a 3D render. There’s chatter in the CG world these days of “physical sky” rendering technology and companies that sell themselves specifically on this feature. Just wanted to demonstrate that Lightwave can play that game too!


(Full disclosure: I did not model the bike, but found it on a Blender site and just exported to Lightwave. It’s got issues, but not worth the amount of time it would require to clean it up)