City Tower

Small video clip of an architectural flyaround, featuring a model inspired by Russell Thomas, and extended by myself.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty cool style for visualizing a proposed development or building project. Very effective for getting across any mass and scale issues, and could be extended for studying shadows issues as the arise……..or fall :).

Although you can’t really see it in this clip, I actually built a rather large city around this theoretical building project. Oh well, I honestly thought it would show up better.

Lighting, Surfacing, Rendering and post-production by me 🙂 .


Architectural Modeling

Just a quick demonstration post of a specific skill sub-set: arch-viz modeling. I’m also a sucker for a clean wireframe render too! 🙂

Wire Frame Barn

Wire Frame Barn

Cafe W.I.P.

Quick snapshot of a work-in-progress.

The texturing on the building could definitely be improved. I’m happy with the cobblestones and the sidewalk though. Oh, don’t worry about the stretching on the side of the cobblestones. In any scene, that wouldn’t be at all visible anyway :). Trickery and treachery in CG!